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Zomato Stock Down After Q4 Profit? Buy, Wait, or Sell?



Zomato stock price witnessed a 6% drop following their Q4 earnings report. We explore reasons behind the fall, analyze expert opinions, and offer top investment strategies for Zomato stock.

Why Zomato Stock Plunged Despite Q4 Profit: Decoding the Market Reaction Zomato share price fell despite Q4 profit. Is it a buying opportunity? We analyze the reasons behind the drop, expert opinions, and offer investment strategies for Zomato stock.

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Zomato, the leading Indian food delivery platform, witnessed a surprising turn of events. Despite reporting a consolidated net profit of ₹175 crore in Q4 FY24, a significant improvement from a loss of ₹188 crore in the same period last year, the company’s share price took a sharp plunge of 6% during the opening trade a day after the results announcement. This unexpected drop has left investors scratching their heads and wondering: Why did Zomato’s stock fall after seemingly positive earnings?

Several factors might have contributed to the stock’s decline:

  • Missed Growth Expectations: While Zomato did report a profit, some analysts believe the growth in revenue (73% YoY) and Gross Order Value (GOV) (51% YoY) might have fallen short of investor expectations. The market might have been anticipating a steeper growth trajectory, especially considering the strong performance of the food delivery sector during the pandemic.
  • Focus on Blinkit Expansion: Zomato’s aggressive expansion plans for Blinkit, its quick commerce arm, might have raised concerns about short-term profitability. Blinkit’s strategy of increasing dark store count from 525 in Q4FY24 to 1,000 by FY25 will require significant upfront investment, potentially impacting Zomato’s overall profitability in the near future.
  • Profitability Concerns: Despite the turnaround from losses, Zomato’s profit margin remains relatively thin. Investors might be cautious about the company’s ability to consistently deliver sustainable profits in a highly competitive market.
  • Market Correction: The broader market sentiment could have also played a role. Zomato’s decline might be part of a general correction in the Indian stock market, particularly in the tech sector.

However, the picture isn’t entirely bleak. Here’s a look at some positive takeaways from Zomato’s Q4 results:

  • Profitability Path: Turning a profit signifies a significant milestone for Zomato. It demonstrates the company’s progress towards achieving financial sustainability.
  • Strong Revenue Growth: The robust growth in revenue and GOV indicates a healthy demand for Zomato’s services. This growth potential is a positive sign for the long-term prospects of the company.
  • Blinkit’s Growth Potential: Blinkit’s rapid expansion highlights its potential to become a major player in the quick commerce segment, a fast-growing market with immense potential.

Top Investment Strategies for Zomato Stock:

Given the mixed signals, what should investors do with Zomato stock? Here are some expert investment strategies to consider:

  • Long-Term Focus: Investors with a long-term horizon might consider this drop as a buying opportunity. Zomato’s dominant position in the Indian food delivery market and the potential of Blinkit are positive long-term bets.
  • Track Profitability: Closely monitor Zomato’s future profitability metrics. Consistent improvement in profit margins will be crucial for the stock’s long-term performance.
  • Evaluate Risk Tolerance: Investors with a lower risk tolerance might want to wait and see how the company’s expansion plans and profitability trajectory unfold before investing.
  • Diversify Portfolio: Regardless of your decision on Zomato, ensure your portfolio is well-diversified to mitigate risks.

Consulting a Financial Advisor:

Considering the complexities of the market, consulting a registered financial adviser can be a wise move. They can assess your individual financial goals, risk tolerance, and existing portfolio before recommending an investment strategy for Zomato stock.

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Zomato’s recent stock price decline highlights the dynamic nature of the stock market. While the short-term outlook might be uncertain, the company’s progress towards profitability and Blinkit’s growth potential offer promising long-term prospects. Carefully weigh the risks and rewards, consider expert advice, and make an informed decision that aligns with your investment goals.

Reference – The share price of Zomato saw a significant decline, dropping by 6.27% and reaching an intraday low of Rs 182.10 on the NSE.

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