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Yes Bank Refutes Reports of 51% Stake Sale, Stock Price Rises



Yes Bank issued a clarification denying media reports claiming a potential 51% stake sale approved by the RBI. The bank called the reports “factually incorrect” and “speculative.” This news caused Yes Bank’s stock price to rise in early trade.

Yes Bank Denies Reports of 51% Stake Sale, Stock Price Gains

On July 9, 2024, Yes Bank, a leading private lender in India, strongly refuted a news report that claimed the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had granted approval for the sale of a 51% stake in the bank. This report triggered a response from Yes Bank, who issued a statement calling the information “factually incorrect” and “purely speculative in nature.”

The bank’s clarification was filed with the stock exchanges, and it resulted in a positive reaction for Yes Bank’s share price. The stock opened higher in early trade on Tuesday, following the bank’s denial.

This news comes amidst a period of relative stability for Yes Bank, which had previously faced financial difficulties. In 2020, the bank encountered a significant crisis due to a rise in bad loans and a decline in asset quality. This situation prompted the RBI to take control of Yes Bank from its founder-chairman Rana Kapoor.

Following the RBI’s intervention, Yes Bank underwent a restructuring process. This involved the infusion of fresh capital by a consortium of investors led by State Bank of India (SBI). The aim of this restructuring was to stabilize the bank and restore investor confidence.

Yes Bank’s Statement on Stake Sale Reports

Yes Bank In its official statement, Yes Bank specifically addressed the claims made in the news report. The bank emphasized that the RBI had not provided “any in principle approval” for a stake sale, as was suggested in the report. Yes Bank further clarified that the statement was issued voluntarily to “dispel the baseless media article.”

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The bank’s swift action in addressing the rumors reflects its commitment to transparency and maintaining investor confidence. The episode highlights the sensitivity surrounding any potential changes in ownership for Yes Bank, given its past financial struggles.

Market Reaction to Yes Bank’s Clarification

Yes Bank The news of Yes Bank denying the stake sale reports had a positive impact on its stock price. The share price opened higher on Tuesday and continued to rise throughout the trading session. This suggests that investors welcomed the clarification and viewed it as a sign of stability for the bank.

Analysts believe that Yes Bank’s recent financial performance may have also contributed to the positive market reaction. The bank reportedly doubled its profit in the quarter ending June 30, 2024, compared to the previous quarter. This positive financial result, coupled with the denial of the stake sale rumors, could signal a period of renewed optimism for Yes Bank.

Looking Ahead for Yes Bank

Yes Bank’s future prospects will likely depend on its ability to maintain financial stability and improve its asset quality. The bank’s upcoming board meeting on July 20, 2024, is expected to approve the financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2024-25. These results will be closely scrutinized by investors and analysts, and they could further influence market sentiment towards Yes Bank.

The denial of the stake sale reports also raises questions about Yes Bank’s long-term ownership structure. While the RBI played a crucial role in stabilizing the bank, it is unclear whether the central bank intends to maintain its current level of control over Yes Bank.

In the future, Yes Bank might consider strategic options to further strengthen its financial position. This could involve attracting new investors or exploring a potential merger with another financial institution. However, any such decisions would likely require careful consideration and regulatory approval.


Yes Bank’s denial of the stake sale reports marks a significant development for the bank. It demonstrates the bank’s commitment to transparency and its focus on maintaining investor confidence. The positive market reaction to the news reflects optimism about Yes Bank’s future prospects. However, the bank’s long-term success will depend on its ability to sustain financial stability and navigate its ownership structure effectively.

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