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Chihuahua feeding



feeding Chihuahuas are one of the world’s smallest dog breeds and it is a very famous dog breed in the
whole world. But the question is, how often should this dog breed should eat? In which manner
their food should be offered to them? Whis kind of food is best for the chihuahua? They are very
sensitive by nature. In this article we will discuss all these kinds of thoughts about which you are curious.

What is chihuahua feeding?

Lets know about the chihuahuas feeding so be with me for further detail.
● An act or a process of eating something is known as feeding.
● For chihuahua feeding is also an act of eating.
● Feeding a chihuahua is a very important process which can make this dog breed healthy
and strong.

Chihuahua feeding process

● Age of the chihuahua plays a great role for their feeding which means that what kind of
food is best for the chihuahua which depends on their age.

How much should a chihuahua puppy eat?
Chihuahuas have multiple choice of meals which they can eat but it depends on their age.
In this article I will tell you about how you must know how much these dogs need to eat and at
what age?

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Chihuahua size matters

● It is very essential to know that the newborn chihuahuas are very tiny in size. Their size
is about 3 inches.
● The weight of the newborn chihuahuas is nothing when they are born so the weight of
this dog breed will reach two to seven pounds as adults.
● One thing which is very important to tell you is that this dog breed needs more protein
than other dog breeds. They need at least 20 to 30 present proteins.

1.Feeding of 1 week chihuahua

The chihuahuas of one week are incredibly tiny in size and they are helpless in the first week of
birth. Their eyes and ears are not opened at the first week of birth. This dog breed is also born
blind and deaf so they need some extra care of feeding.

  1. This dog breed needs to drink their mother’s milk because the mothers milk is very
    protective to fight the germs.
  1. The mother milk is packed with colostrum which can protect this dog breed from the
    harmful infections.
  2. The antibodies are very essential from the colostrum and the puppies are encouraged
    and they are also allowed to nurse in these first weeks.

2.Feeding of 2 week chihuahua

  1. When the chihuahua puppy is at the age of two weeks then their eyes and ears will start
    to open. They look more active and smart at this age.
  2. The chihuahua owner must ensure that a puppy is getting mothers milk. Those who are
    not getting mothers milk then the supplements are very important for them.
  3. Proper nutrition is very important for the chihuahua puppies because they are very
    sensitive at their development time.

3.Feeding of 3 week chihuahua

  1. By three weeks the puppy will begin to take their shaky steps.
  2. By three weeks the puppies will be still tiny in size. They are also very sensitive.
  3. This dog breed is too young to be any kind of puppy mush they need to receive from
    their mother milk.

Changing of dog food when they are of some weeks
Here I am going to tell you about some changing food if a dog owner wants to change it
immediately. The new food may be warranted because it is best to do so gradually for this dog

● Week One,
3/4 old food, 1/4 new food – mixed together well.
● Week Two,
1/2 old food, 1/2 new food – mixed together well.
● Week Three,
1/4 old food, 3/4 new food – mixed together well.
● Your veterinarian can also recommend the best milk for the puppy if it is not taken.

4.Feeding of 4 weeks chihuahua

  1. At four weeks the puppy will still need their mother’s milk.
  2. By three weeks the chihuahua puppies still need to take their mother’s milk. This can be
    introduced as a watery version of puppy mush which should consist of high quality small
  3. breed puppy chow, dry mixed with water. This mush will be the main water, about three
  4. times as a food. This will be best for the three weeks of chihuahuas.

5.Feeding of 5 week chihuahua

  1. The five week puppies will feel more solid and they become steadier on their feet.
  2. This dog breed wants to explore the area around them.
  3. At this age they started to take interest in the mush.

6.Feeding of 6 and 7 weeks chihuahua

  • At the age of six weeks the dog owner can separate the puppies from their mothers.
  • At six weeks the dog owner can offer this dog breed to take in puppy mush.
  • At the age of seven weeks they started to take interest in the mush because they become more solid but you must remember that they are still tiny dogs.

7.Feeding of 8 weeks chihuahua

  • At the age of eight weeks this dog breed is able to sustain on puppy chow rather than their mother milk.

8.Feeding of 9 weeks chihuahua

  • At the age of 9 weeks the chihuahua puppy is likely to be primarily if not properly on puppy chow.
  • The weaning process must be started because their mother’s milk is not enough for them.

Three months chihuahua feeding

  • Under three months the chihuahua puppy can eat at least 4 to 5 small meals a day.
  • The chihuahua puppy is kibble. You should try transitioning to at least 3 to 4 meals a day.
  •  At the age of three months to six months this dog breed can eat 4 meals a day.

Feeding of chihuahuas from 6 months to 1 year

  • When a chihuahua is at the age of six to one year then they can eat 2 to 3 meals a day.
  • These two meals can be offered for morning, noon and night.

 Feeding of adult chihuahua

  • An adult chihuahua is about 1 to 7 years old and they need a well balanced diet to maintain their health.
  • The adults need 1 by 4 to 1 by 2 cups of high quality dry food two times or twice a day.

The role of activity level in feeding of chihuahua

  • Here the calories play a great role to make them active and fit.
  • Calories are more important to make this dog breed healthy and active.
  • Dry kibble and wet food are more requireable for this breed as wet food is often less calories dense that is why this may require larger portions.


Feeding your chihuahua depends on the size and age of chihuahuas. You must start with your recommended amounts that can help you to maintain the chihuahuas health. Always remember to consult your veterinarian because they can help you to maintain your chihuahua health. Make sure you will be satisfied after knowing all these feeding processes.


1.Can a chihuahua like milk?

The cows’ milk is not part of the chihuahuas diet so they can not drink milk.

2.Is it better to feed a chihuahua wet or dry food?

It depends on their teeth health but they can have wet and dry food.

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